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This Southwest Collection is a Signed Limited Edition Stretched Canvas Giclee Print 20x30 Collectors Series.


David Benitez original photographs are "Giclee prints" and are numbered in pricing editions of fifty. Each photograph is hand-signed and numbered by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.


This Certification obligates us to maintain a clutter-fee... clean work environment, and produce your Giclee using the highest-quality equipment and materials.


A Giclee (pronounced Zhee-Clay) is a high-resolution image, reproduced individually with a large-format, archival-quality ink printer onto various mediums such as canvas, watercolor and photo-base papers. The color vibrancy, duration and virtually continuous tone of Giclee are significantly superior to traditional lithography and the tiny dots which characterize the medium. These qualitative enhancements improve both the richness of the color and the clarity of the image detail.


All prints are matted on archival museum conservation acid-free boards.

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